Episode 10: Are We TOO P.C. in Our Society?

  1. Jane is a real physical fitness addict. She always has on her running spandex and rocks a new set of running shoes every 2 weeks. Her playlist includes “Born to be Wild”, “Eye of The Tiger”, “Calabria 2007”, and “Ante Up” played on repeat during her 2 hour daily workout. Her friends whom love fastfood and naps started a closed group for the BoPo, or Body Positive movement. Jane requested to join but was denied. Was this right for her friends to not let her join the movement? Was it insensitive of her to even ask to join?
  2. Peter has hung out with Jerome at least 25 times by now. They both listen to the same music and laugh at the same jokes. A concert is coming up with one of their favorite artists. While at the concert Peter is singing along, but is worried in anticipation of one of the upcoming lyrics. Should Peter shout the next lyrics at the top of his lungs knowing that  Jerome may take offense or should he censor himself knowing that it would be the most PC thing to do at this moment?
  3. Misty has the mouth of a sailor, no relation to Popeye. Her Aunt is very religious and thinks it is unruly to utter foul language, especially coming from a young person to an elder. Misty has a dinner with her Aunt and family tomorrow night. The family couldn’t care less about the language other members use. Should Misty bite her tongue at the dinner table to be politically correct or should she spout her words that can’t be played on Public Broadcast Television viewed by the modern day American family?


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