Episode 103: Do People Have the Right to Commit Suicide?

  1. Patrice lost her wife of 30 years to a terminal illness. All of her known relatives have passed and she has no children. She feels really lonely lately and wonder why she continues with life. Does she have the right to take her life?
  2. Andrea has 6 children and her husband is currently deployed overseas for 6 months. She just had a child a couple months ago and is experiencing postpartum depression. She has started to wonder if they will be able to pay upcoming bills now. Does she have the right to take her life?
  3. Sam has a terminal illness and has extreme pain throughout his body even when he is not moving. The doctor’s have suggested he use the medicinal marijuana prescription to ease the pain, but he is just sick and tired of living with this pain. Does he have the right to take his life?


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