Episode 104: Can You Love Multiple Partners at the Same Time?

  1. Samuel has fallen head over heels with his classmate from Anatomy class. He has worked with the classmate on every group project from the start of the class. The one problem is that he also has a girlfriend of 7 whole months! Is he in love with multiple people or does he need to reevaluate who he really loves?
  2. Jonesey grew up with Lawson and Macy in a small town in the MidWest. Even though Jonesey always fought with Macy, she eventually fell in love with her. Lawson always climbed through her window to talk with Jonesey every night, leading Jonesey to have feelings for him as well. Is Jonesey truly in love or is this one love triangle that should have never even started?
  3. Tatia was dating Erin for 2 years, but has been secretly hooking up with multiple people in random bars in the city. Is she over her relationship with Erin or does she just in love with multiple partners?


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