Episode 105: Can You Buy Your Future Success?

  1. Phyllis went to a free summit to see a big tech entrepreneur that she looks up to. During the summit there were 5 other speakers pitching courses and software to the audience to help them towards financial freedom. All of the speakers even brought supposed real users on stage as testimonials. Since Phyllis loves the headlining tech entrepreneur, should she buy in on any of these offers?
  2. Garrett wanted to start his company, but needs some cash to buy the inventory he believes he can sell. A social media friend tells him he has made $3000 a month working from home. All he needs to do is click the link and watch the video. What should Garrett do?
  3. Veronica is a paralegal tired of the long hours she works at the office. She would like to become more financially savvy, but does not know what courses she should choose. She sees a real estate boot-camp that says it will relieve you of financial burden and she sees another course that is more expensive, requires 15 hours of reading a week, and doesn’t make any guarantees. What should she do?


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