Episode 106: Why Do People Lie?

  1. Usagi is continually late to high school because she helps everyone on her way as a good Samaritan should. Unfortunately she never tells the teacher the truth and comes up with other excuses like forgetting to charge her phone or cat soiling her clothes. Should she tell the truth in this situation?
  2. Ruby saw her best friend Brett making out with her manager. The problem is, both of them are in committed relationships. Ruby told Brett what she saw and he said he was sorry and lost control. Her manager loves to brag about her relationship in front of other employees and likes to get confirmation from them. Ruby just nods and smiles, keeping the truth from everyone else. Is Ruby lying?
  3. Bartholomew has worked 13 years in the computer lab at a local community college. For fun, he likes to tell the students he used to work for a large tech firm and helped develop the video face filter technology used on all social media platforms. Why is Bartholomew lying?


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