Episode 109: WokeNFree Review of Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea

  1. Beatrice grew up in an okay suburb where everyone had a two car garage and even paved streets. She's an honor student who studies all the time and is on her high-school lacrosse team. She tells her friends that all her success is due to hard work and doesn't understand why other's don't bring themselves out of their poverty. Is she right in her thinking? 
  2. Ashley has a very successful pastry business, which allows her to travel and meet new people. Sometimes she gets into arguments over how she became successful. She mentions how not all blonde women are stupid and everyone has equal opportunity to succeed now? Is Ashley delusional or does she make a fair point? 
  3. Brittany has a mixed European background and now lives in the states with her cousins. She is so surprised with the prison population here and wants to know if there is a reason blacks make up the majority of it. Is this due to white privilege or are certain people prone to more crime?


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