Episode 113: Why A.I. Isn’t The End of Humanity?

  1. Layahndrea is a movie critic who just saw Terminator Dark Fate, which has reignited her fear of AI. She decides that from now on she wants to live off the grid to decrease her chance of becoming the victim of the technology we love so much. Is she out of her mind or just a cautious, preemptive person?
  2. Leslie is a rabid texter who just updated her messenger app which now gives her suggestions on what message and even emoji to send to other people. Leslie wonders if letting an app “think” for you is such a good idea. Should she replace her messaging app or just bow to her new messaging overlord?
  3. Jerusha is a doctor that thinks trying to fight AI is like throwing snowballs at lava. You can try all want, but AI is coming nevertheless. He feels what will happen will happen. Is he right? Should we fight the coming of eventual true A.I.?


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