Episode 116: Why Do People, Product, and Process Matter?

  1. Jaylon makes the largest Belgian waffles the world has ever known. Unfortunately he has a high turn over rate even though he just purchased a new waffle maker that makes waffles 40% faster than before. Which part of the people, product, process formula do you think is at the root of his problem? 
  2. Debbie has a small startup company that acts as a concierge service for people while they are out shopping. The idea is that while you shop your personal concierge brings you clothes or whatever you are shopping for to put in your cart. Her business has been off to a slow start and was passed on by potential investors. What do you think the problem is with Debbie's business? 
  3. Tejumade runs a food business that delivers from the kitchen to customer's door steps. She has run into snags sometimes where customer's orders get mixed up. What is going on with her business? What does she need to do in order to eliminate these types of problems? 


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