Episode 12: Do You Need to Own a Gun?

  1. Little Jimmy loves playing Call of Duty with his friends. You can sometimes overhear him yelling excitedly from outside while tending to the garden. Today a friend of his wants to take a day trip out of town to his Uncle’s house which is on 4 acres of land. He’s excited to ride the ATVs, but also mentions they will be shooting guns outdoors. Do you allow him to go shooting with his friend?
  2. Brandon has been dating Sally for 3 weeks. He really likes her and she totally digs him. Sally usually comes over to Brandon’s home, when they want to Netflix and chill. This evening is different though. They go back to Sally’s place and queue up something they’ve both seen before, because they love watching old movies together. Before Sally turns the lights off, Brandon notices a large safe in her closet that is ajar. He asks what’s in the safe and Sally casually says a Glock 22, AR 15, and AA 12. When she mentions the last gun she sticks her tongue out knowing that the AA 12 can’t be purchased by civilians and she briefly mentioned this fully automatic shotgun about a week ago. Brandon never told her, but he is a Blue Blooded liberal who's terrified of guns. Should he let her know he feels after they chill or just suck it up and continue to date her?


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