Episode 126: Would The Purge Work in Reality?

  • Scenario 1: Cynthia was commuting to work when another driver cut her off and left a bunch of tire smoke when he peeled off. Is this a good reason for Cynthia to hop for the Purge to happen?
  • Scenario 2: Olusegon thinks that the criminal activity in his area is due to the overpopulation of his city. He thinks less people will lead to less crime. Would a purge help alleviate crime in his city or just leave it in shambles?
  • Scenario 3: Lindsey was participating in a purge where she spotted an old bully during the last few seconds of the event. She unfortunately eliminated the nasty bully when the purge ended. Should Lindsey turn herself in for her crime, or is she justified in ending the life of her tormentor?


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