Episode 129: How to Deal with a Disgraced Icon?

  • Scenario 1:  Dorothy was a popular actress on a very funny sitcom. Unfortunately she was caught on camera cutting children in line to their favorite Disney Theme Park Attraction. Should the public forgive her wrongdoings because she warmed many people’s hearts ages ago or should they cancel her immediately for breaking children’s souls?
  • Scenario 2: Rose was always a silly person, not often recognizing when her 2 best friends were making fun of her. Just for fun she sent out a belligerent tweet about cats, which she promptly deleted after the backlash she faced. She later made an apology video claiming it was all for kicks and giggles. Should the public accept her apology and move on?
  • Scenario 3:  Blanche rose to become a prominent executive producer for popular TV shows in the 90’s. Unfortunately, she was known to exert her authority over subordinates, pressuring them into relationships in order for them to maintain their positions. After public outcry she lost her job, but actually became really sick. Should the public overlook her past deeds since she is deathly ill and it looks like Karma has stepped in to right past wrongs?


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