Episode 13: Are You Privileged?

  1. A woman walks into a bar and sees it’s quite empty. There are pictures on the wall of powerful females throughout time. Before getting a drink she runs to the bathroom and notices the mens bathroom has a large red X through the sign and a mad face below. She thinks nothing of it and uses the bathroom, where she sees the words Droves over bros etched on the back of the stall. When she exits she sees a group of females have entered and offer to buy her a drink. She obliges and chats with them for half an hour. The bar is really starting to fill up now and she thinks her friend John should join her, since he likes lively crowds. Should she call John to join the fun?
  2. Roy is picking up some new threads for his totally awesome trip next week. He walks into a retail store where he grabs 4 items he likes and drops them into a sales associates arms telling the associate “you can bring those to the register for me. I got a few more items to grab.” He grabs the remaining things and drops them into the hands of another sales associate. Roy has not greeted nor given direct eye contact to either of the associates, but they both notice that he’s an Instagram Celebrity with 500k followers. Was what Roy did right? Should the associates confront him, so he doesn’t continue this behavior?
  3. A local politician has come from a late night fundraising event, and ends up driving directly in front of you. After a couple of stoplights, you notice the car weaving towards oncoming traffic. This continues for 2 miles and of course the car is going the same direction as you. Do you dial emergency services or just try and flag the car down because this could be a career ender?


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