Episode 132: Does Karma Really Exist?

  • Scenario 1: Arnav is a mediator that wants both parties involved in a dispute about destroyed property to settle and avoid small claims court. In order to facilitate the deal though he must lie to both parties. If he goes through with the lie, then later forgets this day, will Karma come back around to bite him? 
  • Scenario 2: Zhen is not superstitious and doesn't believe in ancient old folklore. He always looks out for his best interest at his company and will often fire other employees, so he can get his year end bonus. Do you think Karma will right the wrongs of the misdeeds of Zhen? 
  • Scenario 3: Anjali puts other people before herself in every single situation. When she is up for a promotion she gives all the credit to her colleagues and insists they get it instead. Is all the good Anjali doing paying off, will Karma reward her?


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