Episode 133: Would your partner choose you on the Netflix show “Love is Blind”?

  • Scenario 1: For the past 3 months, Olga’s used a chatting only site to connect with Polly. This site doesn’t allow people to use their real names or post photos of oneself or risk getting banned from the platform. The only way you can get more information is by deciding  to go on a date with the person. Should Olga set a date since she has lots of fun chatting with Polly?
  • Scenario 2: Latoya and Juan met in a bar ending the night with a fantastic night cap at Juan’s Casa de Amor. Neither of them had an experience like this and decide they should get married. Do you think it is realistic to fall in love with someone after such a short period of time?
  • Scenario 3: Ishaan has a tumultuous relationship with his wife he married after 30 days. He originally met her on a blind date at furrycon, where everyone is dressed up in an animal costume with human characteristics. Even though he could not see her, he fell in love that night. If love is blind, does that mean this type of relationship can last?


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