Episode 134: Coronavirus vs. The World

  • Scenario 1: Rupert is from El Paso Texas and looking to capitalize on the growing hysteria surrounding the coronavirus. He decides to buy all the medical masks from his local drugstore and mark the price up 50 times. Should Rupert be fined for purchasing items that he doesn’t need, taking away from people who really need it?
  • Scenario 2: Darnell and his family of 6 booked a cruise long before spread of the coronavirus across continents. If they do not continue with the cruise they will lose 25% of the money spent because he did not opt for travel insurance when booking the trip. Should he cancel the trip or just get on the boat he payed for?
  • Scenario 3: Helen lives in the epicenter of where an epidemic started. A few months passed, and authorities started instructing citizens to return to their daily activities. Should Helen listen to the government, since they always put the citizens best interest first or should she find family that lives far away to stay with?


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