Episode 14: What is the Verdict on Bitcoins?

  1. While walking down a fresh revitalized part of the city, you're approached by a well-dressed man in a suit that says he wants to sell you his Bitcoin wallet for $200. He claims that the current value of the wallet is $1000, but he has made enough money from Bitcoin and is looking to exit now. Do you pass up this offer of a lifetime?
  2. Bitcoin has dropped 50% to about $700. It seemed as if the price would only go up and up. Do you buy in and wait for what you think will be the inevitable sky high gains?
  3. Your friend wants a Bitcoin wallet and asks your advice on what type of wallet they should purchase. There is the option of an offline wallet that they manage manually or an online wallet managed by a reputable third party, who’s existed for a couple of years incident free. Which type of wallet do you think is better?


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