Episode 15: When Will Sexual Harassment and Assault Stop?

  1. Your favorite Grunge band is performing next week and your friend has 2 tickets. She also told you that the lead singer allegedly was inappropriate with her cousin and she’s possibly pursuing legal action against him. Do you still attend the concert or do you go on social media and voice your outrage?
  2. Your Dad is a hot shot CPA. You can’t mention going to GAP for clothes  because he always goes into stories about accounting principles and what not. One night you come home and see an envelope on the doorstep with his name on it. You open it and read the letter inside to find out he is being accused of assault and being blackmailed in order for the person to keep everything quiet. Do you destroy the letter, leave it for your father to find, or take it to the police?
  3. A great philanthropist and famous author you love has just been publicly accused of sexual harassment. You are in shock because this author was out of the spotlight for decades. Do you burn your collection of books by this author or do you try to find out more of the details behind this upsetting situation that almost feels personal to you?


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