Episode 16: What Does Support Really Look Like?

  1. An Initial Coin Offering or ICO has just been anounced for a brand new currency with each coin costing just $1 USD. Your best friend is looking for some funding to launch her new business with a minimum buy in of 100 shares at $100 USD. Yes, that is in fact $1 USD per share. Do you invest in the ICO because you don’t want to miss out on what could be the next BitCoin phenomenon? Or do you do what Best friends do and talk about how you wish you could support their business, but you will need to transfer money from your savings to your checking and it takes 3 business days to clear, which at that point you need to drive to the bank and actually withdraw the funds?
  2. You’ve been posting day and night inspirational quotes, which all your friends are quick to like and comment on. Your cousin has just bought a house and needs some helping hands to give it a new paint job. You post a picture of an unpainted wall asking who’s available 2 weeks from now to pitch in with cold beverages served on the house. A few days pass and you get a couple of likes and no comments. Meanwhile, you know your friends are free, but didn’t respond to your post. Are they true supporters?
  3. You’ve decided to go door to door collecting money to help save homeless animals. You go around the neighborhood asking for as little help as people are willing to give. At the end of the rounds you think back and wonder how come all your immediate neighbors did not donate, but the ones you didn’t know chipped in. Are strangers really this nice or did you just ask around a bad time of the year?


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