Episode 17: Are We In Control of Our Feelings?

  1. As you step out of your home and walk down the cobble path you notice a stray cat across the street and squint to look. Not realizing your foot is slightly in the driveway, your girlfriend backs the car up right over your foot. You scream and make your way toward the driverside of the window. What should be the first thing you say as you hop along to have words with her?
  2. You waited all year to get those cool wireless earbuds from that Trillion Dollar company that everyone loves. Your friend  Courtney knew how much you loved them, so would get them for you. Little did Courtney know they are sold out everywhere. On the morning of your favorite gift holiday you go right for Courtney’s gift, but notice it’s smaller than what you expected. You find out it’s a gift card for a green robot company. What do you do?
  3. You just lost your best friend you’ve ever known, your dog Max. Max was there from since you moved out of your parents house. Max knew when you were down and would always cheer you up. When is the right time to talk to others about what happened, if ever? When should you start working again?


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