Episode 18: What is the Verdict on Tattoos?

  1. Jolie just got a new job as a receptionist at a Massage clinic. She also promised to get a matching tattoo with her BFF on her neck right below her ear. Should Jolie reconsider getting the tattoo, since she’s starting a new position? Or should she just go for it and not worry what her new employer might think?
  2. Your daughter, Eulisa, has been telling you for the past few years she really wants a small tattoo. She never told you what specifically, but you are totally against tattoos and really get opinionated when you see others with them. Her quinceanera is in a couple of months and you just know she will want to get one for the big celebration. You haven’t flat out told her you are against it, but you’ve dropped hints about the risks of getting it and what not. Now that her big day is near, do you tell her how you feel or do you support her in what she wants to do?  
  3. You’ve always wanted to get a Tattoo that reminds you of your SO. While on vacation in your home country, in a different county, you see a place offering discounted tattoos. Do you stop at this place to get a great discount on the tattoo you’ve always wanted or do you skip the whole idea because a Tattoo relating to your Significant other will definitely jinx the relationship?


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