Episode 19: What do Serial Killers Look Like?

  1. You’re a detective that has been analyzing the evidence left by an infamous serial killer. You have 3 suspects, a red headed female, a black male, and a white male. You need to choose which one to pursue, because the evidence hasn’t enabled you to make a clear cut profile of the murderer. Who do you bring in for questioning or surveillance?
  2. A letter is left on your desk at work with red stains on the ends. You open it and read the words, “Your next!” on it. Should you bring this to the police, or is this a shameful practical joke by one of your employees even though April 1st, is 4 months away?
  3. A member of a notorious gang with 5 teardrops on her face was just apprehended. You are the editor of a new not so famous Online News Source. Do you write the headline of your next story as “The Face of a Serial Killer?” Or do you write the story off as another gang member has been caught?


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