Episode 20: What Does Success Really Look Like?

  1. Your neighbors Jane and Jimbo pull up in their brand New Range Rover. Their kids jump out with tons of shopping bags from clothing stores they’d apparently been shopping at for the day. They give you the obligatory wave at you before making their way into there house. You stand there awestruck because you could’ve swore they were driving a Mercedes Truck last week. Are they just enveloped in success, since they have what seemingly everyone wants?
  2. You’ve been told for years your a great vocal artist. You even sung in the Subway on a dare and made a couple of hundreds of dollars. Your father keeps telling you to stick to the books, like your cousins, so you can afford a good lifestyle. Your friend Andres is into flipping houses and was telling you that you should do it with him as an alternative career path. Should you shadow him in the hopes of making mega bucks or should you release a video on YouTube of you singing “I believe I can fly” by R.Kelly?
  3. These identical twins called the Dynamic Duo are radically different from each other. One is a corporate lawyer who became partner before he was of the legal drinking age in the United States. The other, started a small custom fidget spinner business that has grown into a million dollar business. Which twin is the more successful of the 2?


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