Episode 21: Who Are We Attracted To?

  1. You’ve been talking to Davenport on a popular online dating website for a couple of weeks. Both of you think  it’s time to go on a first date. There is one huge problem though. You’re married! What do you do?
  2. Joey has been a great partner so far in this 4 week relationship. Joey had everything you wanted beauty, charms, infectious laughter, and a hefty bank account. Joey asks if you’ll attend a Civil War reenactment where the South wins. You being a SJW, just can’t go along with this. Should you break up with Joey, or stay because Joey has all the qualities you’ve ever wanted?
  3. Anita is very precious to you. She always knows the right things to say and defends you when others bring up your shortcomings. However, you wonder if you should stay with her. Whenever you’re alone, she is physically destructive to you. It’s strange because she only says nice things to you, even during the altercations. Should you seek counseling? Or is it better to cut your losses and leave the woman who uplifts you time and time again, but then beats you to oblivion in secret?


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