Episode 22: Are People Ready to be Brutally Honest?

  1. You are out clubbing with your SO Jamie. You go grab drinks for the both of you. As you’re walking back a large person bumps to you spilling the drinks all over Jamie. One of those drinks was a Merlot. Jamie’s outfit is most likely ruined now. The person said sorry, but is this the perfect time to be brutally honest or could this be another case of when being brutally honest goes wrong?
  2. Jeff is quite upset at a co-worker who made a demeaning comment about liberals ruining society with their political correctness. His co-worker told everyone that back in his days people had a pair and would say what they want. He went on to say that the Social Justice Warriors are all a bunch of cats. He in fact did not use the word cat, but something that rhymes with mushy. Should Jeff be brutally honest with his co-worker about the comment or should he cry to HR?
  3. Leslie is a very ambitious director. She might be young, but she knows how to get people to do what she wants while on set. A powerful force indeed she is never hesitant to speak her mind. Unfortunately her work charm hasn’t worked out so well in her personal love life. Could this be a time when being brutally honest does more harm than good, or should she just count her losses and wait for the perfect person to come along?


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