Episode 23: How Do You Know When to Trust a Person?

  1. Your cousin Gregory always asks to borrow small change when you all are out and about. Or pick up part of the tab when he can’t cover his part of the bill. You’ve never directly asked for Gregory to pay you back, because you know his family is not as well off as you are. You 2 like to buy scratch offs at your local bodega from time to time, but this time Gregory wins a couple of thousands of dollars. You jokingly ask how he will treat his favorite cousin with the money earned, but he gets serious and storms away from you like he was offended. Should you start spending less time with Gregory after this occurrence?
  2. Natalie seems really nice. You’ve only known her for 3 months, but feel like she is someone who has your back. She’s stood up for you when others try to belittle you. She has also, taught you some tubular surfing moves which makes you feel like a pro surfer. You’ve also heard some not so nice things from a couple of friends about Natalie backstabbing people in the past. What should you do with this new found information?
  3. Henrietta is a decent web developer, who just married a person with a trendy laundromat. It has it’s own app, social media accounts,  and even a webpage! While perusing the new app for bugs she found out that with the right login credentials the app led to some webpage on the darknet that looked like some kind of money exchange. After some digging she was able to conclude her spouse’s laundromat business is really being used to launder money for anonymous organizations. What is a newly wed to do with this information uncovered?


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