Episode 24: How Do People Really Feel About Immigration in the US?

  1. You live in a moderately quaint town that’s not quite middle class, but not impoverished either. A nearby neighbor’s household seems to have been growing in numbers exponentially. You might usually look the other way, but there’s an itch you just can’t scratch. Every weekday you see the same white van come by and pickup a group of people from the house. Should you mind your business or maybe it’s time to speak with the US Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement Agency (ICE)?
  2. Elena is a hardworking unauthorized citizen, who was brought to the US at a young age. Her parents shortly passed, when she was a young girl and she has been living with some cousins that were born in the US. She has been in the country for over a decade and even pays taxes. Elena now wants to become a US citizen. Does she deserve the right to be a US citizen or should she be deported to her home country?
  3. You overhear a small group of people whispering on the train about countries they’d wish immigrants would never come from. They mention a country your parents come from. What is your initial reaction? Should you take some sort of action?


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