Episode 26: Why is Black Panther More than A Movie?

  1. Imagine if the world of Wakanda existed. You have technological superiority to every other country on the planet. Now imagine that you are the ruler of this country. Do you keep all this tech to yourself, or do you share it with the world?
  2. You and Anathi trained together for the past 5 years, and have won an equal amount of battles. You even have matching scars on your backs received during your final battle examination. Anathi told you he wants to overthrow the ruling king of the nation, but in your mind you always think Wakanda forever. Do you report this intention to others, or maybe you can convince Anathi of a different path to follow.   
  3. Johanna wants to see this latest movie that’s drawing lots of buzz, but the last time it’s playing near a theatre near her is close to midnight and she has the early shift at Burger Pop the next day. Should she just take some 5 hour energies and go to catch the flick or just wait months and months to catch it on Blu-ray, because their is absolutely no other way to see this film besides catching it in theater.


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