Episode 28: What Is The Secret All About?

  1. Yani has worked at the local diner for a couple of years and now wants a new job really badly. He thinks he could actually be a mechanic. Someone told him just think about it and the job will come, the Universe always gives you what you want. This was told to him a year ago and nothing is changed. What should Yani do?
  2. Legolas is what some people would call a debbie downer. When he’s around that smile is guaranteed to turn upside down. You’ve told him about your dreams of playing in the WNBA, which is a women’s professional basketball league, but he spouts off the odd’s of actually being drafted to a team and how you need to learn to manage your money properly or you’ll lose it. You actually want to go pro someday though, what do you do?
  3. Nicky is trying to have her work shown at a big art expo that occurs biannually. She has submitted her portfolio consistently for the past 3 years and hasn’t even gotten a response from them. She says she pictures her work being in the expo, but is scared that her friends will ask her if she deserves to be next to the other great works on display. What should Nicky do?


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