Episode 32: Do You want to Create or Hate?

  1. Danielson has worked hard on his father's farm for all his life. The farm mostly produces corn and he figures they can maximize their profit if he institutes a new AI controlled crop tender. He’s thought about bringing it up to his father, but is afraid he’ll disappoint him if it doesn’t fully work.
  2. Ross feels he is bettering himself by watching loads of financial TV shows with his friends. He has such an air about himself that he loves to tell his friends how the people on TV are making constant mistakes and how he would do so much more if he had their money. Is Ross doing anything wrong or this a classic case of an armchair entrepreneur?
  3. Your friend Leidi is what you’d call a bright person. She is great with reading people and has steadily grown her following on Social Media in a short time span. She’s not afraid to boast about her skills and her nice sponsorships. Sometimes you think she’s never wrong. Is their anything wrong with Leidi’s current path?


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