Episode 36: Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships

  1. Jane married Alex six months ago. He has a very demanding job as a highly sought after oncologist. They don’t spend a lot of time together due to his demanding work schedule. When they are together they have a blast because they have great chemistry. Last week, they were fighting incessantly over the most trivial matters. When Jane was doing the laundry she saw a note from a fellow physician that Alex works with. The note said, “thanks for last night. Can’t wait to do it again.” Should Jane bring it up to Alex? Or, should she do some snooping first before the broaching the subject with Alex?   
  2. Derrick and Elaine are engaged and are getting married in January 2019. This year they have decided to really watch their extra spending habits so they can save as much money for their wedding. Yesterday, Derrick bought a $1200 laptop without telling Elaine beforehand. Elaine handles all the finances and was very disturbed to see the $1200 reduction in their bank account. When she asks Derrick about the matter via text message he refused to answer her. How should Elaine handle the situation? 
  3. Seth is a father of 10 and is fed up with looking after the kids. His wife, Kara recently got a new job at the local University and hasn’t been home to cook and clean and help with taking care of the kids. How should he approach his wife about his grievances? 
  4. Reggie fell in love with his wife when they were freshmen in high school. 10 year later they are happily married. Now, Reggie is getting encouraged from his family and friends to start a family with his wife Sabrina. When Reggie and Sabrina started dating she always thought she wanted children. Now that they have been married and together for over 10 years, she now doesn’t want to have children anymore. However, she knows that Reggie still wants children. How do they reconcile their differences?     


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