Episode 39: Dear America, Are You Finally Ready to Deal with Bullying?

  1. Chadwick is a High School Sophomore who loves to fly his MidSize drone by the school track. He already got the approval that it’s ok from Mrs. Azikiwe. For the past couple of weeks a few of his Chess friends have joined him to watch, including you. One day a group of older seniors come by and ask to participate. Chadwick doesn’t know them so he politely declines. They then proceed to take the controller from him and one of them crashes the drone through the school window. The student throws the controller to the floor and tells noone to say a word. When they leave, Chadwick tells everyone not to worry and that he will take all the blame. Do you go behind Chadwick and tell the true story to a staff member or do you comply with the senior student?
  2. Thompson is casually browsing Social Media when he sees a graphic image of Stacey, who just broke up with his best friend 3 weeks ago. He’s doesn’t recognize the account which posted it, but has a sneaking suspicion about the culprit. What should be his next actions.
  3. Dawn is a superstar in the office. She’s only recently started but seems to know how to handle any customer thrown her way with aplomb. One thing you’ve noticed about her is that she loves to belittle certain people in the office that don’t have the greatest social skills. One day she was particular nasty to this one chap, who proceeded to scribble a note afterwards and then crumble it up and toss it in the trash. You’re not usually so nosey, but you have to know what the chap wrote. You unfurl the note to find the words DIE written. What do you do at this point?


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