Episode 40: What is Mindshare?

  1. Grace has camped out for a whole week all in hopes of being the first in her city to hold the brand new God Phone 3000. When asked why she camped out for so long. She says that she can only use the best thing since sliced bread to update her loyal fans with. Is she being sensible or just the latest victim of mind-share?
  2. No matter how hard Ezekiel tries, his friends and family refuse to use his new cloud storage Block-chain Cloud even though he just won government contracts because his system is so bulletproof. Every-time he mentions his creation to Pablo, Pablo goes on about his phones built in cloud service and that he may get around to it. What should Ezekiel do to increase his mind share around Block-chain Cloud?
  3. Leona is in her mid 40’s and just started a gymnastic league with her gals. She started the group as a means to raise funds for the community to build there only theater. The problem is she just found out the Olympics are being held this year in her hometown. Should she continue with her efforts or forgo it, knowing she can’t compete with the mind-share brought by the Olympics itself?


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