Episode 41: Are You A Lucid Dreamer?

  1. Abigail just woke up from a long slumber with a panging probably caused by her incessantly ringing alarm clock. She proceeds to smash the alarm clock with a wooden baseball bat signed by Derek Jeter and than goes back to sleep. A couple of hours later she wakes up from some vibrating non-sense inside her draw.  Keep your minds out of the gutter. She picks up the device and sees it’s her boss calling her. Do you think this is really happening or should Abigail just tell her boss off so she can eventually leave this sleep Inception?
  2. Luana has set out to tour the vast ocean on a 6 month excursion in her  20 ft boat she calls the M-205. Now that she has all this time she says, “I’m going to finally get my Lucid dream” Is this a great idea or should she wait for drier lands to be so daring and bold? 
  3. Corbin usually doesn’t have the best of luck. But in this dream Corbin is number 1. Only problem is he can’t move a muscle in his body and can’t even blink. How should he react in this situation?


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