Episode 43: WTF is Going On With Immigration in the US?

  1. Guillermo was recently detained about 20 miles from the US/Mexico border. He explains to the ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents that we was crossing with his younger brother, but they were split up during the journey. Should the agents make an effort to reconnect the brothers. Or should they leave Guillermo in the detention center and prosecute him later? 
  2. Senora Cortez is a strong advocate for abolishing ICE. She believes they serve no purpose but to tear apart families. Do you agree with her stance or do you think ICE serves a greater purpose?
  3. You started a new job with a small shipping company a few weeks ago. At the end of the day, one of your co-workers needs help lifting a box onto the van. Just as you lift it, his license and some change falls out of his pocket. You go to grab it for him because he is still pushing the box into the van. Upon closer inspection you see that he has a Wisconsin license and the change is actually pesos. You’ve got a couple of friends from Madison and have visited quite a few times, so wonder why your co-worker doesn’t have a Mid-Western accent or says soda instead of pop. Do you go to the ICE website and try to report a potential illegal immigrant?


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