Episode 44: What is the True Cost of Reality TV?

  1. Denise is in a dilemma. She sits down on her couch after a delicious dinner to find out her DVR is full and 2 of her favorite shows are coming on. One is about a woman who lives a lavish, fashionable lifestyle jet-setting from city to city and the other is about a man who travels to impoverished cities to learn of what troubles they face and offer up solutions. Which show should she tune to or should she just tune out and call it a night?
  2. Vladimir has been watching reality TV shows his whole life. He doesn’t remember a time when they were not popular. He’s just turned 18 and realizes he doesn’t know what he wants to do for the rest of his life, but thinks he knows a lot about reality shows. He thinks he should just start his own show with a couple of friends and he’ll be set for life. What should be his next step? Should he just chalk up his lofty goal and get a traditional career in the industrial industry? 
  3. Aurelia was in a highly successful reality TV show over 5 years ago. She now has her own line of healthy drinks that’s popular among all the chain gyms. She’s fallen out of touch with her TV mates over the years, but has just got word from one of the original producers that they want to reboot the show and have cameo appearances by the original group. Should she take up this opportunity to make a few bucks or should she just start a new show of her own creation?


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