Episode 45: What is Time All About?

  1. Jay and Jin Brooks are twins with very different attitudes. Jay loves to scuba dive with dolphins on the planet known as Earth, while his brother loves to travel at nearly the speed of light to uninhabited planets and never return to tell of his tales. After 50 years of travelling though, Jin calls it a quits and decides to throw a party where he boasts of all his might conquests. When Jay  sees his brother after some 50 years, he’s surprised to see he actually looks younger than he does. He thought the traveling would take a wear on him, not make him younger. What do you think caused Jin to look much younger than Jay after all his space travelling?
  2. In a galaxy far far away, Captain Zandalel loves betting on the races she sees on Planet Dirt. She guesses the outcome perfectly every time using her faster than light spaceship. She first looks at what future races will take place on Planet Dirt, then jumps in her spaceship and actually visits the planet to find out the outcome, and lastly comes back and places her bet, all before the race actually takes place. Is she doing some type of time traveling or is something else going on here to aid Zandalel’s apparent luck?
  3. Fiona was the first child born and raised in a space-station far above the Earth. Everyone was excited to meet her on her first visit to the planet at the age of 65 and a half. One thing people noted is that she seemed slightly older than they would have thought. What is the explanation for this?


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