Episode 46: What is the future of humanity

  1. Jeff is bent on keeping his borders safe from illegal aliens. He passes a law that makes it impossible for anyone to cross his border. Little did he know those illegal aliens were helping build out a new launch facility for his country. Should he repeal his law and look at the long-term effects from allowing people in or should he stand steadfast in his ways?
  2. Sunny has kept quiet about her work at Area 51 for the last 2 decades. She and her team have discovered a way to map the human brain to computer memory. They plan on running some clinical trials relatively soon. The only problem is subjects have a potential to undergo serious damage to their minds and bodies while the system is being tweaked. Should Sunny go through with starting the trials knowing that the first subjects will have to be harmed for them to perfect their brain train technique?
  3. Falz is the head of a newly formed international board of human affairs or IBHA, which is a consortium of various countries from all the continents. The funding is a bit tight now so he is faced with deciding on which of two topics they should tackle. Falz must decide between renewable energy or gene therapy. Which one should he choose?


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