Episode 47: What is Racism All About?

  1. Benny and Jamal are co-workers out to lunch half past 12 on a much needed Friday. They couldn’t decide where to go, so they decide to cruise down Main St. Benny spots a place that is selling a Fried Chicken Wing Combo that includes a Watermelon Smoothie Drink. Benny is sort of craving the Smoothie, but doesn’t know if he would offend Jamal if he points out this fried chicken spot. Should he just say what he wants or should he keep cruising for a pita and hummus place?
  2. Riley had a great show about a decade ago that recently got rebooted to much fan fare. Riley is not afraid to speak her mind nor offend people for what she feels is the truth. Unfortunately, Riley had a Twitter slip up where she compared a community leader to an animal and asked for followers to share their own comparisons. Shortly after this incident her show was cancelled, even though she pulled the post and made a video apology. Do you think this is fair to Riley or should she be given a second chance to redeem herself?
  3. You relationship with Geneva became rocky ever since she made that off comment about people of your race. You didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it seems like recently all she does is make a derogatory statements and usually adds a qualifer like “not including you though”. Should you confront her or just ghost her since you love all the content she posts?


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