Episode 50: Why Everyone Needs to Watch the Star Wars Movie Series!

  1. Han Solo is sitting in a bar with Greedo, an alien who wants to collect a large debt owed by Han. Greedo says, “I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time.” Han replies, “Yes, I bet you have.” What should Han do next in this confrontation?
  2. Anakin has been paralyzed with fear of losing his beloved Padme. In order to combat this, he’s decided to become as powerful as possible to prevent her from dying. Now the question is how far is too far to protect the ones you love?
  3. You are a rebel that was flying against a dozen Tie Fighters who’ve taken out the rest of your teammates. You find the main ship and have a choice to sacrifice yourself and prevent them from destroying any more rebels, or you can fly off to a planet sell you ship and live like Jabba the Hutt. What choice do you make?


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