Episode 51: What Separates an Artist from Everyone Else?

  1. Day after day, month after month, year after year, Durer has worked on his finest masterpiece to date. Actually he has never shown any of his creations to anyone. Is Durer really an artist or what else would you call him?
  2. You’re on your first date and since you are a broke college student, you decide to visit the Met, no need to go dutch here. They have a new piece here which is a painting that is just entirely Red. What comment can you make about this piece to impress your date? Or do you tell them it’s not actually art and go on a long diatribe of what makes art, art?
  3. Abayomi is a genius when it comes to sketching. She has never taken an art class, but whenever you see her work you ask who did it and how can you make it your wallpaper on your phone. Abayomi’s parents believe she needs to focus on doing something that will support her financially in the future, like a nuclear engineer or biology professor. Should you go against what Abayomi’s parents wish and tell her to follow her true passion or encourage her to do what is right and enter the almighty rat race?


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