Episode 52: How Real is Social Media?

  1. A video just came up in Amano's feed. It's from someone he doesn't know but befriended anyway to increase his friend count. The caption states “5 Things the government doesn't want you to know” and at the end has a short link that says “click here to find out more” right next to it. What should Amano do?  
  2. Keke is in her mid 40s and has decided to promote her business on a popular social media network that favors pictures and video over everything else. Her friend Darneshia told her to really succeed she needs to have 100k followers and she knows someone that could get the ball rolling for a small fee. Keke initially declines but after one year has not seen a lot of action on her page. What should Keke do? 
  3. Vincent was closely following the election between 2 hot candidates for mayor. He stayed up late monitoring all the social media sites to find out the winner because he is a cord cutter (does not subscribe to traditional TV) . 2 hours after waiting he found out who won on all of the sites he follows. He immediately became depressed and was upset with the outcome. Now do you think he should check with main stream media to confirm the results or does social media got him covered? 


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