Episode 53: What to Expect When You Get Married?

  1. Susqana is a nursing student who just exited the restroom with a big surprise. She just found out she’s pregnant with her boyfriend Gerald’s child. They’ve been dating for 8 months so far, and they both feel they should be together. Only problem is Susqana’s medical debt is adding up and Gerald is currently in between jobs as an HVAC technician. Should they do the responsible thing and have a shotgun wedding or should they just stay single to avoid any financial headaches?
  2. Haley never wanted to do what her parents expected and have a big wedding in a church. She was always worried about the cost and not really getting a return on such a large investment. While participating in her weekly scratch offs she casually won $1000 a week for life. What should she do with the money she just won?
  3. Marshall has been dating his best friend for over 2 years. His friend Kelly has said that they should never get married because they will lose the friendship they have now and being married is a whole different situation than currently. Should Marshall get married in spite of the negative misgivings of his friend ?


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