Episode 54: Where Did Punk Rock Music Come From?

  1. Mike was recently invited by his friend Shinoda to a Death concert. He’s never been to a concert before, let alone a punk rock concert. What should Mike do before going and more importantly what should he wear?
  2. Layne and Kent were having a heated argument about which genres grew out of punk rock music to stand on there own. Layne said that Queercore and and Riot grrrl are really different than punk and should be considered different type of music. Kent argued that all of those including emo are just punk music and only Grunge music is a truly different genre. Should they take to social media to conduct a poll to see what everyone else thinks?
  3. Nate loves rocking out in his buddies garage after a long day of school. Only thing is, Allison, the leader of the band, likes when they play fast and edgy and Nate likes to take his time and hit all the right chords. Should Nate still jam with his dudes or should he gather the one’s who prefer the traditional style of Rock and start his own band? 


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