Episode 55: Should You Invest in the Stock Market?

  1. Augustus has just been given the task to safeguard the money he earned from selling his dad's ultra rare hot rod he recently restored with mostly OEM parts. He has the choice to place the money in a CD, a money market savings account, or invest it in the stock market. Augustus is in his late 20s and doesn't have any retirement savings. What should he do? 
  2. Ms. Jackson is in her late 40s and has decided to take more control of her money. She has been working at the same company for 20 plus years and now has the option to actively trade stocks with money in her savings or purchase index funds through a savings plan at her job. Which should she do? 
  3. Clarence is close friends with Lucilia who is launching her company that offers tablets that look and feel like books on the outside but have dual OLED screens on the inside. Lucilia is offering Clarence a potential deal of a lifetime by giving him access to series A investing for her startup at a discounted rate. Should Clarence buy into this opportunity? Or are business and friendships best kept separate?


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