Episode 56: What is the Real Effect of Global Warming?

  1. Nicki built a boat to visit her home country on the cheap. She packs everything she knows she needs to make the voyage. A few hours after disembarking on the long journey, the weather becomes tumultuous with large pellets of ice raining down on her boat. She sees water gathering and decides to throw her stuff overboard so the boat doesn't sink. Upon throwing the first package she discovers a small hole letting water in. Was Nicki’s voyage doomed from the start or could she have done anything to prevent this treacherous end? 
  2. Wayne loves  driving his old V16 diesel around town because nothing has the sound and smell of his smelly rust bucket. His kids have told him there's a new all electric sports vehicle that will run circles around his vehicle without angering the neighbors. Should Wayne dump his diesel demon or should he keep it because he is not really hurting anyone? 
  3. Olga has been performing pollution simulations requiring 122.3 Peta FLOPS to complete in 5 years. At the end of the run she found that outlawing the use of ICE (internal combustion engines) used in passenger and commercial vehicles would prevent the greenhouse effect reaching a level that would wipe out the human race along with many other animals. Do you think world leaders should unite to save humanity from themselves or is it better to just ignore the signs because modern societies way of life would be unsustainable with the elimination of this type of engine?


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