Episode 58: What is the Real Impact of Video Games?

  1. Your son’s friend Bradley has been going on and on about the new Military Warfare First Person Shooter (FPS for short) game Call of Duty XS. You decide to find out more about the greatest game of all time and find this latest version has hyper reality and some violent game-play that makes you blush. Do you talk to Bradley’s parents about banning this game or do you just chaulk it up to boys being boys?
  2. A new experimental VR headset is available at this brand new secretive game company, which your friend just starting working at. Cardi lets you know that they are looking for beta testers to see if the tech they’re using really can make people feel immersed in the game. You go to sign the waiver and see that you may have to submerge your body in a fluid, but will be provided an ample supply of oxygen at all times. Do you stop reading now and tear up the waiver or do you just skip to the end, because if something happens you’re gonna sew no matter what rights you signed away?
  3. Liara has been a gamer ever since she got her hands on her first joystick. She usually plays single player or only with her friends because she likes to avoid hearing racial slurs and derogatory comments, while trying to relax. Do you think Liara is stuck to her single player adventures or what can she do to play with people around the world without being so offended?


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