Episode 59: Is Our Society Obsessed with Sex?

  1. Dewalton has worked as a salesman under a very demanding manager for the last 3 years. One day his manager was let go and he got an immediate promotion. He thought now he could finally go out with Sally, who he’d always had a crush on but never approached. Unfortunately, a few days after he approached Sally, he was called into HR. She accused him of trying to grab an inappropriate place. What caused this issue to occur?
  2. LaTanya has been heavy using her sex toy to engage in tele-sex with random woman on the internet. The maker of the toy asked if she would like to beta test a new type of toy that would bring her experience to the next level. The only thing is she would have to be willing to anonymously share the data collected with this new toy. Should LaTanya give up some privacy for her own pleasure?
  3. YingLi and Sulu have created a love film that depicts a couples journey of love through time travel. They decided to include some raunchy sex scenes in their film. Unfortunately their country has deemed their film pornography, which is banned their. Should they edit their film so it can be released everywhere in their country or do they decide to leave it as it is and distribute it globally only?


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