Episode 6: Are You A Slave To A Brand?

  1. Your phone probably is your lifeline. When the battery dies, you lose a small part of your soul every time. Even while sipping on King Louis the XVI’s finest 230+ year old champagne, you can’t relax until you’ve retweeted your heart out. As you get out of your motor vehicle, you were not driving by the way because that would be wrong after sipping some bubbly, your phone slips out of your hand and lands face first on the curb, cracking the screen. What do you do now, besides sip on more of that fine champagne?
  2.  Oh no! The TV won’t turn on and you’ve tried everything to fix it, including calling Kahlil the tech guru. This was supposed to be your Netflix binge night. Is this a job for Amazon or your local electronic retailer?
  3. Your SO, child, or friend is really into video games and you want to surprise him or her. Do you try to cheekily ask them what they currently enjoy or don’t have or do you just take a leap of faith and buy what you think is best? You sorta know what they are in to.


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