Episode 60: What is the History of Our Favorite Foods?

  1. Pat and Geno make some great cheesesteaks. They have been competing year after year for best cheesesteak on the planet. They make everything fresh and authentic. Sofia tried both, but says she still prefers the one served at her high school cafeteria. Should Sofia get her taste buds checked out or is she valid in her opinion?
  2. Chandice invited her girlfriend, Eleanor, over to taste her special top secret family passed down jerk chicken. Eleanor was so delighted with the flavor she really wanted to make it herself so asked Chandice for the recipe. Chandice gave it to her, but in 2 years heard about a new Jerk Franchise that makes the best Jerk chicken of the South-side. She comes to find out that Eleanor is the CEO of the company. What should Chandice do?
  3. Priscilla is a fairly lucky woman who wins many of the sweepstakes she enters. This last winning put her in a tough bind though. She actually won the opportunity to receive one of these foods each day for the rest of her life: Curry Goat, Quinoa, or Tacos. Which one should she choose? 


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