Episode 62: Do All Cultures Respect Themselves?

  1. Geraldo and Geneva went to a small Texas bar, Los Mujeres Loca,  for the happy hour special. After an hour the bar owner asked them how they’d like the place in Spanish. Geraldo is not fluent in Spanish and took offense that the bar owner assumed he spoke it just based on his looks. Is this a form of disrespect or just miscommunication?
  2. Maya was raised in the good ole Bronx and has a very Bronx attitude. She often refers to her friends in what other would call a derogatory manner. While attending school she called out to her friend using what most would find offensive, but is said in many current day rap songs. Her teacher overheard and decided to send her to detention. Was the teacher right or should she be allowed to call her friends by whatever term she chooses?
  3. Aziza tells Kwame that if you are part of a culture there is nothing that you can say to offend the culture. She claims that you can only offend other cultures that your not a part of. Is this true, or should Kwame tell her he is offended by her notion that you can’t offend people of the same culture?


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